How to Set Up the Free Blastoff Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin

1. After installing the plugin, click on the Facebook Feeds option in the WordPress menu.

2. Click on Add New to create your first Facebook feed.

3. Connect a Facebook page by clicking on Log in to Facebook. This will open the Facebook login for whichever Facebook account you are logged into in your browser.

4. The recommended option is to select Opt in to all current and future Pages, as this will prevent issues if you choose to use the plugin for another Facebook page in the future.

Alternatively, you can choose to select only one specific Facebook page by selecting the Opt in to current Pages only option, and then selecting the page you want to display.

5. The plugin requests permission to read posts on your Facebook page so that it can display the feed on your site, and to see a list of the Facebook pages you manage so that you can select one to display the feed from in the plugin. Click Save to continue.

6. Click Got it to return back to the plugin.

7. Select the Facebook page you want to display, and then click Let’s Go!

8. This will create your first Facebook feed. You can customize the settings on the various tabs. Don’t forget to click Save to save any changes once you’re done.

9. To add the feed to your site, click the Embed button.

10. Copy the shortcode text so that you can paste it into your page.

12. Go to the page, post, or widget where you want to display the feed. Either paste the shortcode directly into the editor, or select the Shortcode block.

13. Publish your page and view it to see your Facebook feed.

If you have any issues setting up the plugin then we’re here to help as quickly as possible. Just open a support ticket on the forums, or on our website.

I hope you enjoy the plugin! 🙂